Neurological Optometry

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"My vision affected my emotions, my spiritual life, my understanding, my spelling and math skills, my interactions with people, my whole life.    
I’m on my last set of glasses and just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for your endless search for a better way.  If you have been told there is no correction to your visual deficit, I encourage you to reach out to Terry."
- Mae K.

Functional health care focuses on creating and maintaining wellness instead of treating disease. Lifestyle changes can lead to a better balanced body system. Your health analysis and lab tests can determine where your body is unbalanced.

By integrating your healthcare approach you are addressing the way your body was meant to function. 

You can generally resolve the imbalances through dietary means, lifestyle changes and targeted nutritional supplements.

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Neuro-opt is a unique branch of optometry that specializes in the diagnosis and balancing of the neural pathways between the retina and the brain.

Your vision is the dominant sense in navigating your environment. All other senses need to integrate with vision in a balanced way for us to fully engage in our sensory world. The ability to see clearly  is the starting point for understanding how you interact with your environment.

It is important to investigate all of the factors that affect visual processing in addition to central eyesight clarity.

20/20 eyesight is only the beginning!

A healthy brain interacts with a healthy body to give you the foundation to be the most

visually aware you can be.

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​​​Dr. Terence A. Trinka

Optometric Doctor, Certified Nutritionist