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There are several factors to consider in regaining a healthy relationship with alcohol. Certainly from a psychological and emotional perspective, Annie Grace, her book and podcast are fabulous. From a physical point of view there are some fundamentals that can really assist a person in helping their body cope with the change in alcohol consumption.

A cornerstone of supporting the body in alcohol recovery is addressing fluctuations in blood sugar. Alcohol is a refined carbohydrate and as such produces big swings in blood sugar. Almost all people who have alcohol control issues have low blood sugar states called hypoglycemia. In this state, irritability and cravings are common. If there is a blood sugar issue, there is an adrenal issue. The adrenal glands modulate stress in the body and are intimately involved in blood sugar regulation. Therefore it is crucial to support the body's blood sugar handling system with targeted nutrients that help stablizethe blood sugar on many levels including adrenal support.

Another important foundational principle in alcohol recovery is supplying the right amino acid to help heal the gut and brain. Alcohol damages the lining of the gut and alters the composition and response of the feel good chemicals in your brain. To help repair the gut

and provide the most important building block in the production of the anti anxiety neurotransmitter GABA, it is essential to consume this amino acid.

Finally, people who have a hard time controlling their alcohol intake have a quirk in their metabolisms of omega 6 fats. It is very important to provide the depleted  element in fat metabolisms to help control the craving of alcohol consumption and to help with depression. To feel better, people drink excessively in an attempt to achieve higher levels of a compound called Prostaglandin E1, an important brain metabolite derived from essential fatty acids (EFAs). Alcohol stimulates temporary production of PGE1 and lifts a person's mood When drinking is stopped, PGE1 levels fall again and depression returns. To banish it, people turn again to alcohol. Thus, a downward spiral toward alcohol control issues begins. During the past 15 years, researchers have found that if they restore the PGE1 levels to normal range in patients suffering from alcoholism, they can eliminate both the depression and the need to drink for relief. This can be achieved with a substance called GLA, which can be easily converted to PGE1. 

Although there are many nutrient approaches for excessive alcohol consumption the best 3 supplements to start with to support a person wanting to control their alcohol are:

Bioglycozyme Forte

L-glutamine powder

Black currant seed oil.

These are no ordinary supplements. They come from a top nutritional company in the world that tests the raw materials before they are manufactured for purity, effectiveness and lack of contamination. The same thing happens after the supplement is produced.The cost of these supplements is $202.00 for about 40 days.  For listeners of This Naked Mind podcast there is a 10 % discount. That brings the total to $181.80. There is a nominal shipping charge that will be added.

If you call the office and tell the staff you want to order, we will send you the supplements direct from the manufacturer and a protocol sheet that tells you how much to take and when.

Dr. T

​​​Dr. Terence A. Trinka

Optometric Doctor, Certified Nutritionist