In 2012 I had cataract surgery with a reputable practitioner.  I was quite nearsighted and things were yellowish, but other than that, my glasses worked.  After the surgery, I was fitted for new glasses with a new prescription (by now, it’s 2013).  I could not focus on street signs and couldn’t read the signs on the wall at art museums (quite the range!), but I was told to let my eyes adjust.  They did not.  I went back 3 times and had new prescriptions and new lenses, but the problem did not go away, although not as dramatic as my initial experience.  All this took another year and a half.  I was slightly depressed and resigned to a life of closing one eye to read anything.  Finally, I went to see the diligent Dr. Trinka. In addition to a complete workup, he performed some simple but very elegant tests that I had never seen before, and pinpointed my problem of vertical doubling/axis rotation of both eyes in different directions.  When he inserted trial lenses in a headpiece that I could explore with around the office, my eyes welled up!  I could see! I could focus on the printed word at all distances!  Thank you, thank you and thank you!

-Carrie T.

I AM ECSTATIC!!!!  There is  no way I could possible express to you my appreciation for what you have done and are doing for me. We are making such fabulous progress with only two more symptoms for total restoration of my health.  But this was one of THE BIG ones that was so weird and kind of scary, and I did not want to go down the tunnel of typical medicine practices to figure it out.  No need to figure it out now! HAH!  Even if I were to experience it again, I know we're on the right path.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 -Gail R.

​SOOOO  happy with the new contacts! Best vision in awhile and have recovered a bit of mid range vision-- distance is Awesome-- thank you for taking the time and having the talent to get it so right!!  You are appreciated!!!  The oily drops at night are helping alot- thanks!

Just had to let you know-- thanks so much!


Terry, I wanted to send something to encourage folks that there is hope,there is help and that it takes awhile... I can't thank you enough for believing that I could get better, for seeing hope when I couldn't, for all the lunch hours you didn't have because of the committment to help me.  All days aren't as wildly happy as yesterday, but I am alive because of you all! Not just breathing---Alive!!

Eleven months ago I remember sitting in Terry's office crying and making the statement, "If you can't help me, just shoot me". I meant it! I felt so sick all the time and so unbelievably tired and  depressed that I dragged through the bare necessities of each day and slept the rest away. I just couldn't remember why anyone would choose life.  The medical community had nothing to offer except chemicals for depression and hormones. I tried the hormones, but they were not helpful. I actually felt worse. It had been so long since I had energy and hope and initiative. 

It took fifteen years of intense stress, six years of unbearable grief and a deep desperation to bring me to Integrative Health. I knew when I started that it would take time and committment and effort to to heal.

After working on severe adrenal exhaustion, food sensitivities and gut infections amoung other issues, today I sat in the same office bubbling over with joy and laughter and hope.  I get up in the morning feeling rested and able to meet the challenges of a new day.

 I actually came home from work yesterday and felt like dancing!

 The external sources of stress, fear and grief are still present in my world. Life hasn't changed, I have.

 It has been a long journey but this team's compassion and patience and absolute committment to my recovery has kept me going.

 I can't stop smiling--I remember now--this is how it feels to be me--this is life!

 -Deb E

Terry used to have offices in Cherry Creek and then moved it up to Conifer. Since then I've tried two other eye doctors and have absolutely hated my glasses and haven't been able to see nearly as well as I should after paying so much money for all the upgrades.

So I broke down and drove all the way up there and I was so glad I did.. They are just going to mail me my glasses so I don't have to drive twice and I know they are going to be wonderful. I highly recommend Terry.

 -Chris M.

Absolutely the best eye exam I've received!  Terry is so much more than an optometrist.  He is concerned about the whole health of the body, not just the eyes, because he knows that the health of the eyes are indicative of the health of the body.  He gets that it is all interconnected.  He is also knowledgeable about energy, which assists in the exam as well.  

When I see Terry, it is unlike other doctors, where I feel like I'm just another patient.  I really feel like he cares, because he does, and he is so focused (no pun intended) on my eyes and health. 

-Gail W.

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for being such a powerful force in my healing process.  I appreciate your candor, openness, and relational approach.  Having a health practitioner team helping you find optimal health is key, but finding one that you respect and enjoy working with is a blessing.


When I first started seeing Terry I had multiple symptoms that were very distressing.  I had insomnia and was exhausted, a chronic sinus infection, migraines, constant hunger, pain and my body was swollen and sore.  All of these symptoms appeared after the birth of my first child a year and a half earlier.  It seemed as if my body could not recover from the delivery.  The results from Terry's program were remarkably fast and effective and within a few months my body recovered dramatically.  Terry was able to get to the root cause of my physical illness and provide my body what it indicated it needed in order to help before the illness cause permanent damage.  Overall I feel much better and more "alive" and awake for the day.  I feel so much more relaxed and not so foggy, jittery, and brittle any more.  My sleep hours are extending longer at night and I'm sleeping much more deeply- it's great!

-Camille D.

Thank you!  Thank you for all of your help and support with getting me feeling like me again.  Its been a journey!  I appreciate all the educational talks, the encouraging emails, and the answering of all my questions.  I am sincerely thankful for the help you have given me in my health. 

-Sarah S.

Thank you for the personal care I received at my first eye appointment in Colorado.  I felt right at home and confident of the service you provided. 

-Cinda T.

It’s hard to give an overview of the many things Dr. Trinka has changed in my life.  My first appointment was after being given a diagnosis of Optic Neuritis in 2011.  I’m a determined soul and went to multiple offices for more information.  All specialties agreed on my case, the damage done appeared irreversible with no recommended therapies or ways to stall the everyday attacks.  Life changed and I muddled through looking like a perfectly healthy human with major deficits unseen.   I was introduced to Dr.  Trinka after I sobbed on a friends table and she insisted I see her OD.   Hesitant to book yet another Doctor appointment I booked with Dr. Trinka.  We discussed nutrition and he was open to other therapies.  Seeing Dr. Trinka was a breath of fresh air into my exhaustive research.  He was someone I could run ideas by that understood what I was talking about.  Therapies we discussed and implemented did stabilize my visual deficit as well as improve my life and vision.
 At my 2015 appointment I mentioned some visual, spatial, and light adjustment issues in daily life.   He asked me to describe them.  He then proceeded to test my skills by having me walk down the hall.  I veered toward the right side of the hall.  We discussed vision therapy primarily used in TBI’s that required glasses.   He was studying the therapy and asked if I wanted to pursue it.  I agreed and was fitted with a set of glasses that gave me joy the instant I put them on.   I had not had steady balance since the 2011 diagnosis and fatigue plagued me.  It was the first time in years I was not fighting the world to walk a straight line.  We switched out glasses as I progressed and with each new set things in life started to reappear.  Things I was good at, activities I enjoyed that I no longer did because of the visual effort required.  My vision affected my emotions, my spiritual life, my understanding, my spelling and math skills, my interactions with people, my whole life.    
I’m on my last set of glasses and just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for your endless search for a better way.  If you have been told there is no correction to your visual deficit, I encourage you to reach out to Terry.  Please verify that what your doctor is telling you is true. 

-Mae K.

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